Browns River Estuary

Friday 3rd November 10.00 am til Saturday 4th November 4.00 pm

Browns River, Kingston Beach

A wide range of scientists and naturalists are coming to help us find what’s living on Browns River Estuary, by Kingston Beach - from the top of the tree canopy to the bottom of the river, and from Bonnet Point to Balmoral Road! Each of them will lead groups of us to survey the forest, beach, saltmarsh and estuary for species within their area of expertise - from mammals to grasses, from tiny insects to birds of prey.

Each group will have a scribe to record what we’ve found, using a nifty app called iNaturalist which will help us keep a tally of how many species we’ve found so far.

Also required is a team of assistants, which is where the community comes in.With the help of everyone’s eyes and ears, we hope to find hundreds of species over the 30 hour period!

We’ll be off to a cracking start with schools-focussed activities from 10 am to 2.30 pm on the Friday. From then on, surveys are open for everyone to book - it’s a good idea to ensure you get a spot.

During the main part of each day, there will be a range of additional activities at the Basecamp, which won’t need bookings - you can visit stalls, attend talks, share your own skills and learn more about finding, identifying and recording species. You can see examples of what’s been discovered, and use microscopes to look at what we’ve found more closely.

The surveys - each typically around 45 minutes - will continue into the night as we look for bats, moths and owls, through into a dawn bird survey on Saturday. There’ll be much, much more throughout Saturday, as the race builds to find as many different species as possible until the grand finish at 4 pm.

Everyone is welcome - from curious members of the public to expert scientists - so come and contribute to this community effort. Spare an hour at one of the events, or jump in boots and all!

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